SUPERGIRL Season 3 Episode 18 Review: Shelter From the Storm

Although they took care of two Worldkillers, Reign has only increased in power and has a new mission: kill Ruby. 

James and Lena are in new relationship bliss now that they’ve come clean with their secrets. Some more damning than the others but still. This is interrupted by Reign searching for Ruby. Lena gets her to leave by spraying her with what can only be a Kryptonite spray. More lies. 

With Pestilence gone, it’s time for the Legion to return to their own timeline which Mon-El and surprisingly, Brainy, seem to be having a hard time with. Brainy even gives Winn a parting give of future earth dirt for his collection. Goodbyes are cut short as they hear that Lena’s penthouse was attacked by Reign. 

The team heads there, minus the Legion. They agree since Reign is looking for Ruby, they’d search Samantha’s adoptive mom’s home first while Alex goes to look after Ruby who is staying at Lex’s mansion. 

Alex hangs out with Ruby for the day while Supergirl and Hank chase down another lead. They go to Sam’s mother’s house who admits she knew Sam was Reign when she saw her on tv. Instead of leaving like a normal person, she decides to stay and face her. 

Reign comes, as expected, and Supergirl and Hank realize her powers have been combined with those of the two dead Worldkillers. Although Winn has fashioned a new electrical canon for them to use on her, they’re no match for her. She even stabs Sam’s mother, causing them to flee to get her medical attention. They bring her back to the DEO where both her and Hank receive medical attention but she does die. 

The Legion is on their way to the disruption which will send them home. Thanks to Brainy’s concern, he’s bugged the DEO and learns about Reign’s power and calculates they only have a 51% chance of succeeding without a legionnaire's help. Imra, however, tells him to go back and that if it is his destiny he will stay or he will decide to come back. So they’re getting a little more help. 

Hank and Supergirl go to visit his father, still having Alzheimer like symptoms, and speak with him about why he thought he could get through to White Martians. By using what was important them, he got them to keep him alive which is exactly what they want to do with Reign. 

With the news of what happened to Sam’s mother, James encouraged Lena to tell Supergirl how she can make Kryptonite because it could help stop Reign. She does come to the DEO and bring the Kryptonite and explain that she learned to use it. James of was of course so very very wrong, and Supergirl blows up about how she kept this from her and learned to make it. Lena and her both stand their ground leaving their friendship more questionable than ever. 

Ruby makes a grand mistake. She steals Lena’s phone and calls her home number from outside the mansion. Reign who was already searching for her follows her voice to the mansion. Luckily the DEO is on it. Mon-El arrives just in time to escort Supergirl to Lex’s mansion with the Kryptonite. 

I have to give him his props, Lex’s mansion has some serious security in it. Although Reign plows through it all, Sam and Alex still get to the same room. Supergirl and Mon-El arrive to fight her together. 

Before they can defeat her, her mask falls off revealing her true identity to Ruby. Supergirl stops Reign from killing her by appealing to her purpose: to rid sin of the world. And Ruby is innocent. Reign seems to be trying to process this when Mon-El shoots her full of Kryptonite. 

They bring Reign back and put her in the same containment that Lena uses for her with Mon-El promising to stay until the mission is complete. 

Lena learning to create Kryptonite is a huge blow to their friendship. It no doubt will have an effect on her friendship with Kara as well. And it already has. Lena, on her way to see Ruby at Alex’s, reveals to Kara that she can never trust Supergirl again. Kind of a pot-kettle thing going but okay. I still don’t trust Lena after this debacle. 

Speaking of Kara, she has been Supergirl for so long, it seems like no one seems to remember that Kara does have another life. It took weeks for Kara and Lena to meet up with each other. It’s about time we see what’s going on in Kara’s job.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer

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