CAPTAIN MARVEL Will Subvert Traditional Superhero Origin Movie Storytelling

If there is truly one thing that could lead to audience superhero movie fatigue it is the superhero origin format in films. It's so formulaic it can be easily predicted through an origin movie's three Acts.

Marvel Studios knows this as does producer Nate Moore who spoke to CinemaBlend to explain how CAPTAIN MARVEL will subvert expectations of the traditional origin movie layout.

"I think there is a structure to origin films that audiences sometimes can get ahead of very quickly. So, if we do origin films, internally, we talk about how we can subvert that structure. For instance, Captain Marvel is an origin movie in that you haven’t seen her before, but we think we’ve stumbled upon a structure there that isn’t the traditional structure of what origin movies typically are, which is you meet the character, they have a problem, they get powers at the end of the first act, and the end of the second act they learn about the powers, the third act they probably fight a villain who has a function of the same powers...

"I think the way the film opens is much different than an origin movie, and because she is a heroine that you haven't seen before, we're able to tell this story structurally in a way that will feel unexpected and hopefully will keep audiences off balance. Still balanced enough that they can enjoy the film, but even just making it a period film is sort of interesting in that it's not just a function of the world as we know it in the MCU today."

CAPTAIN MARVEL opens in the U.S. on March 8, 2019.

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