AGENTS OF SHIELD Season 5 Episode 21 Review: The Force of Gravity

The end is nigh on AGENTS OF SHIELD. We have only one week until the season finale and the team is getting desperate. They’re running out of options and will eventually have to make a terrible choice. 

Starting things off, we saw more about why Cassius was so obsessed with Daisy in the future. For whatever reason his father thought that he could twist her into a weapon, but even then failed to understand her power. The logic here can be a bit circular, as Daisy’s power and understanding of the situation comes from events that haven’t happened yet, but inspire them nonetheless. It can be a bit confusing at times. That said, it was cool to see her snap out of the trance on her own and take down those marauders. 

The only issue I have with the marauders – aside from ripping off Mortal Kombat – is that they’ve become chumps. For a group that was meant to be the among the deadliest in the galaxy, they sure were easily defeated by people like Deke. 

Most of the episode was dedicated to Coulson and May’s escape from the alien cruiser. After a bit of subtext between the two about their relationship, Deke came to the rescue and got them out of their cell. This was after he witnessed Talbott take the Quinjet and murder one of the redshirts. Among all their other problems, Coulson also learned that the cruiser had missiles pointed at the Lighthouse, and any attempt to escape would set them off. There’s never a dull moment for Coulson and team. 

So the team splits up. May and Deke will handle the missiles while Daisy and Coulson will head back home to try and handle Talbott. The problem is that Coulson doesn’t want to split up. He thinks it’s better to take care of one problem at a time. May disagrees. This goes on for a few minutes before Coulson and May finally share their first kiss. All the while Coulson uses the shield from his hand to block incoming bullets. Both Deke and Daisy’s face during this moment added a good bit of humor to the scene too. But Coulson gives in and heads for the Zephyr with Daisy. Deke and May go and deal with the missiles. This is about the point that Coulson and Daisy exit the episode for the most part. We’ll wrap back around to them at the end. 

For May and Deke, what follows is a confrontation between May and the alien leader as Deke attempts to translate numbers. It was reminiscent of some of the Guardians of the Galaxy stuff, as Deke awkwardly went from one side of the room to the other while avoiding sword strikes. By the end, he had managed to mess with the system enough that the missiles had been retargeted on the ship itself. Then, using the fancy alien teleporter, May and Deke got out of dodge. 

Back at the Lighthouse, there was a lot of small stuff going on. Fitz and Simmons were working on combining the Centipede with Jai-ying’s DNA and Mack and Yo-yo realized they were going to have to deal with Talbott. By the end, pairs realized that there would have to be a more permanent solution when it came to Talbott. Taking him alive would no longer be an option. 

It’s here that Simmons and Fitz come up with the idea to fuse the Odium with the Centipede serum. If they were able to administer it to Talbott, the solution might overload his system and stop him for good. 

Why? Because he’s gone completely insane. His paranoia knows no bounds and neither does his lack of morality. He first visits Kreel in the hospital, who is still suffering from all the voices in his head. Talbott offers a solution. Trusting his superior officer, Kreel agrees to let Talbott absorb the Gravitonium inside his body. But Talbott doesn’t just take the Gravitonium. He takes all of Kreel. Just sucks him right in there. Can’t say I understand why he couldn’t just take the Gravitonium and leave the poor guy alone, but I don’t think logic applies to Talbott these days. 

His next stop to see his son. Now here is where things get a bit cliché. We’ve all seen this kind of scene before. The villain tries to reconnect with his child, but can’t hold back his paranoia and is easily annoyed. He then winds up scaring his son, which is the opposite of what he wanted. All of this takes place when Talbott sees his son. It goes beat for beat like you’d expect. 

Lastly, things came to a head for Coulson when his wounds wouldn’t heal and kept on bleeding. After passing out and arriving at the Lighthouse, Simmons tells everyone that they have a choice to make, they either save Coulson’s life with the Centipede serum, or fuse it with the Odium in order to kill Talbott. This is where it all falls into place. You can imagine, in the other timeline, that they did save Coulson, which prevented them from killing Talbott and saving the planet. 

Several questions remain going into next week. Will they break the loop? Does that actually involving killing Coulson? Who will survive the events of Infinity War? No spoilers but the ending of that movie will be hard to avoid in the show, especially since they’ve so tightly bound the events of the show with the events of the movie. Will the show get renewed for a sixth season? So many, many questions.

Written by Peter Freeman, AGENTS OF SHIELD Beat Writer

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