AGENTS OF SHIELD Season 5 Episode 20 Review: The One Who Will Save Us All

Jumping off the events of last episode, we continue following Coulson and Talbott as they use his newfound powers to fly them towards the enemy ship. I couldn’t explain to you how they’re able to breath in space or survive leaving the atmosphere, but I digress. The question is what all this means for Talbott. What’s really going on inside his head? He was already broken before, did this make things worse? 

The answer to that question is a definite yes. Though the mind of a general still exists in there, and is able to get control the voices in his head, I’m not positive Talbott is in control. He starts out fine. He’s a little forward, but he’s got things under control. As time goes on though, his arrogance balloons and soon arrogance becomes paranoia. It’s a dangerous combination, one that winds up being deadly for several people who cross his path. 

While on the ship, before things go sideways, Coulson and Talbott are able to take over the ship. It’s then Talbott goes to visit the Confederacy, dressed in some costume shop suit of armor with a terrible goatee. He looks like a cartoon villain. Poor costume design aside, the stuff with the Confederacy is interesting. It reveals what I’ve wanted all along, that the alien invasion they spoke is Thanos’ invasion of earth. One of the aliens says it’s already begun, which makes me think we’re nearing the middle of the movie, timeline wise. 

I’m glad to see everything fall into place. I was worried for a long time that SHIELD would weasel their way out of doing anything about Infinity War. It seems like it might play a larger role than I thought. Because Thanos is one of the most powerful beings in the universe, Talbott wants to take him down. He wants to save earth. In order to do that, he needs to get more gravitonium. The means cracking the earth to get to the reserves deep below the earth. 

It gets worse. It turns one of the houses of the Confederacy is Cassius’ father. So to Coulson’s horror, everything is coming true, and it’s coming true a lot faster than he thought it would. 

Back at home base, everyone was scrambling to figure out where Coulson had gone. Daisy also made her return, her mother’s bones in tow. But not everyone was happy to see her. Yo-yo quickly got on the offensive, yelling at Daisy about how abandoned them. Daisy wasn’t having any of it and it wasn’t long before the two were exchanging blows. Personally, I feel like Daisy has become extremely difficult of late. She’s stubborn and clearly not cut out for leadership just yet. She doesn’t know how to handle dissent in her ranks. 

In the end it might not matter though. As Daisy and May mounted a rescue mission, Talbott went full paranoid dictator and assumed it was it was a conspiracy against him. Now everyone is trapped with a man who can’t killed and is ready to tear apart the planet in order to save it.

Written by Peter Freeman, AGENTS OF SHIELD Beat Writer

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