SUPERGIRL Season 2 Episode 21 Review: Resist

Crap has hit the fan. Rhea has officially gotten the upper hand by letting all the homeless Daxamites come to Earth to invade. They are wreaking havoc on national city and Supergirl can't stop them all. Rhea gives a PSA to the people of Earth not to resist as the Daxamites are literally pulling them out of their cars. They even have the audacity to attack the DEO leaving them no choice but to evacuate. 

Lena has been kidnapped and taken aboard Rhea’s ship who claims that she did care about her but yet she's locked in a room. Along with her in his mother’s crazy plans is Mon-El. Mon-El is less than pleased about being a prisoner on his mother's ship. With her plans to force the humans to rebuild earth the way she wants and make Mon-El marry someone she thought was best, Lena. 

Supergirl, Winn, James, Alex and Maggie all reconvene to alien bar. Hank is still unconscious due to whatever Rhea did to him. Just when they're running out of options, Lillian Luthor walks in the bar. Yeah. Sounds like the start of a bad joke. She claims that she wants to help them stop Rhea and save Lena and Mon-El. No one believes her of course. 

The president contacts Rhea and demands she removes her soldiers from National City. As their getting into their fight, Cat Grant tries to mediate peace by requesting them to stop being so macho and listen to each other. Rhea isn't having that and attacks the Air Force One ship they're on. 

Supergirl arrives in time to catch Cat as she flies from the crashing plane. However, it is hit again and crashes. Before they start mourning the president, she gets out of the debris revealing her alien identity promising an explanation. About time. 

Supergirl brings them both back to their set up at the bar where Cat seems fine with nearly dying and learning her friend and president is actually an alien. It turns out the president was a refugee from her planet which was invaded and enslaved. She wants to make sure this doesn't happen to earth even going so far as to destroy the ship using a Positron Cannon with Lena and Mon-El on it. 

Meanwhile, Rhea plans on getting Lena and Mon-El to marry and genetically engineer an heir. Although they're both against it, when she threatens to blow up several hospitals, they agree. Rhea seems desperate to be a grandma. 

Kara is outnumbered as Alex agrees that firing on the spaceship is the only plan. Luckily, Cat is there to encourage her that saving the people she loves is what makes her human and why people love Supergirl. This brings Kara to team up with Lillian Luthor and Cyborg Superman. 

Alex agrees to let them help to try and get Lena and Mon-El off before it explodes. Cyborg Superman intends to beam them to the ship undetected using a device he found in the fortress of solitude. 

They get onboard as Lena and Mon-El’s wedding ceremony starts. Cat and Winn start a distraction at Catco by broadcasting a message for the humans and alien refugees to resist the invaders and not to give in to their threats. This definitely angers her and she sends her minions out to kill her, effectively ending the ceremony. 

They find Lena and Mon-El and hurry to get off. However, Supergirl and Mon-El are left behind to die. Luckily, they have good old Winn prepare a backup plan so they can be beamed back. Kara stays back to apprehend Rhea and sends Mon-El back. Kara tries to convince Rhea to surrender herself but the cannon is destroyed before Alex can launch it. She is knocked to the ground by none other than Superman. 

No doubt there's more to the story about why Superman is helping Rhea. If the preview for the finale is any indication there is still going to be an epic battle between Supergirl and Superman to save Earth. 

It was refreshing to see Cat Grant back in the action and her witty wisdom helping the good guys. Seriously she knows that James is Guardian but not that Kara is Supergirl? 

Rhea is definitely Supergirl’s most formidable opponent. She seems to somehow gotten control over her cousin. It seems that whatever the outcome with Rhea is, it'll definitely change Supergirl.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Bear Writer -- Click to read Carly's posts

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