LOGAN Takes in Over $108 Million Worldwide in its Second Weekend; Over $438 Million So Far

Box Office Report -- KONG: SKULL ISLAND may have won the weekend box office battle here in U.S., but LOGAN still managed to be runner-up with a solid $37 million in its second weekend of domestic release.

This brings its domestic total to nearly $153 million placing it right behind last summer's total domestic run for X-MEN: APOCALYPSE. LOGAN will easily pass up the most recent X-Men movie as well as the first X-MEN film in the coming days in U.S. theaters.

Internationally, LOGAN brought in just over an estimated $70 million to bring its total to $285M.

Worldwide, the film has tallied $438M which puts it ahead of all of these Fox Marvel movies: X-MEN ($296M), X-MEN: FIRST CLASS ($353M), X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE ($373M), X2: X-MEN UNITED ($407M), THE WOLVERINE ($414M) and it should pass X-MEN: THE LAST STAND ($459M) next weekend making it Fox's fourth highest grossing Marvel mutant film behind DEADPOOL, X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST and X-MEN: APOCALYPSE.

The reported production budget for LOGAN was $97 million.

[Box office numbers sourced from BoxOfficeMojo.]

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