Let's Talk About How X-23 Can be Best Used in Future Movies Like X-FORCE


Editorial: So you've seen LOGAN and you've shed some tears during the movie. But what's next for Wolverine? Honestly, I wish I really knew but I do have one good guess. 

With LOGAN set in 2029 and Charles Xavier killing most of the X-Men with one of his psychic seizures, then being murder by X-24 (SAD!) and Wolverine making the ultimate sacrifice to save his daughter Laura (X-23) and her young mutant friends, it's hard to predict since there are so few mutants left in this future timeline.

There seems to be the logical thought of developing X-23 into her own movie franchise after the events of LOGAN, but who would help train her to use her powers, as well as her mutant friends?

My theory goes like this: The government finds Laura and her friends and kills them all except for X-23. Once Cable is established in DEADPOOL 2, you can use him as a time traveling plot device to go into the future and bring back either a young X-23 or an older teenage X-23 from the future and into the present Deadpool timeline. This would allow for X-23 to once again be around other mutants and X-Men team members. It would also bring her into the fold for the upcoming X-FORCE ensemble movie that is being set-up by DEADPOOL 2 and currently being written. X-23 has been a member of the "Black Ops" version of the X-Men team in recent X-Force comic book story arcs. So this all makes perfect sense; seeing as how X-23 was a breakout role in LOGAN and fans want more of her since they no longer have Hugh Jackman as Wolverine anymore.

As far as the X-Men proper franchise is concerned, I believe it needs to take a break even though I love James McAvoy as Xavier and Michael Fassbender as Magneto. That's why I think Fox needs to focus more on the present day Deadpool timeline and somehow bring X-23 and other X-Men mutants into that timeline so there is no longer timeline plot holes and just one singular timeline (that's the dream right there!).

Written by Daniel Wolf, DailySuperHero.com Founder & Publisher

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