SUPERGIRL Season 2 Episode 12 Review: Luthors

After the drama between the Martians and awkwardness with Mon-El and Kara all last week, we jump right into another villainous family; the Luthor's. With Lena’s mother, Lillian, going on trial for her part in trying to wipe out all aliens, we get to see a bit of background on how Lena was adopted by the Luthor’s and Lillian had been the same cold collected person since they adopted her. 

Lillian requests to see her daughter after she testifies against her in court. She plays her emotions by claiming her husband was Lena’s biological father and he had an affair with her mother. She implores they stay together. That's a whole new level of motherly guilty. 

At the next court date , the prosecutor questions Metallo (the Cyborg that Lillian created) who escapes with Lillian after receiving Kryptonite that gives him power. He distracts Supergirl by dropping a crane on innocent bystanders, making her choose to save them instead. Lena is the number one suspect when footage comes out of her putting Kryptonite in a package. Make arrests her. To top it off, Snapper wants to run the first page with Lena’s arrest as the first story. James doesn't feel the same as Kara and lets Snapper run the paper as is. 

Guardian confronts Metallo who is there to spring Lena as well but Metallo gets her out. With all the evidence piling up, most of Kara’s friends believe that Lena is guilty as well. Kara goes to take her anger on a cement block. Mon-El pops up to give her a pep talk, reminding her that she believed in him when no one else did either. Of course, Kara admits she was upset that he lied about dating Eve but won't admit why and flees. Supergirl; Good at saving the world, mediocre at relationships. 

Lena turns out to be on the run with Lillian, against her wishes as her mother tries to twist her into being on her side. Her mother and Metallo bring her to a secluded warehouse where there is a vault of Lex’s filled with his anti-alien toy. Lillian admits only a Luthor’s DNA can unlock it. She refuses but Cyborg Superman steps in and forces her to. Mommy dearest shows her true colors as always. 

Winn finds proof that Cyborg Superman corrupted the footage of Lena stealing the Kryptonite and locates where they are. With no time to take precautions against Metallo, Supergirl takes off. Metallo is about to go nuclear with unstable Kryptonite and will kill her if she doesn't get out of there. 

Supergirl refuses to leave without Lena and gets trapped fighting with Metallo before Hank shows up to help. They escape seconds before Metallo explodes with Lena. 

Kara gets to write an article about Lena’s innocence which she shares with her. However, when Kara leaves, Lena remembers winning a game of chess against Lex remembers her mother’s echoing words about how she might truly be a Luthor's. 

Kara invites Mon-El over and reveals that she didn't think she could have a relationship and be Supergirl until he came along. Of course, before they could actually kiss, some type of mystical light comes in to reveal a new guy called Mr. Mxyzptlk who claims his love for her. Random. 

With this new guy showing up, it'll be amusing to see how this adds into Kara and Mon-El’s almost kiss. It seems that those two kids just can't catch a break. In the comic books, Mr. Mxyzptlk is basically a trickster from the 5th dimension. Safe to say he'll be playing the same role on SUPERGIRL, which is sure to bring some mischief to the team. 

As much as James keeps saying that he knows what he's doing, he seems to lose a lot more fights than he wins. Hopefully, he'll become more adept at fighting aliens. 

With an ominous ending on Lena’s side to the story, it's hard not to wonder what side she will end up when her mother no doubt makes her return. And if perhaps Lena may join her mother and work as head of Cadmus.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer -- Click to read Carly's posts

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