Mel Gibson Confirms Interest in SUICIDE SQUAD 2 as 3 Other Director Names Emerge as Candidates

Last night news hit that Warner Bros. and Mel Gibson were in early talks to be the director of SUICIDE SQUAD 2. Today, Gibson has reportedly confirmed this as fact (via SHH) as he has called it, "Kind of a first date" with the studio. He is said to be digging into the comic book material right now to research if he wants to take the helm of the sequel.

Meanwhile, Gibson is not the only director being considered to take over the villain ensemble franchise. Variety reports three more names Warner Bros. is also looking at if things fall through with Gibson.

"Sources tell Variety that in addition to Gibson, Warners has met with — or is planning to meet with — Ruben Fleischer ('Zombieland'), Daniel Espinosa ('Safe House'), and Jonathan Levine ('Warm Bodies')."

If he accepts the gig, Gibson would take over the director's chair from from director David Ayer, who is directing and currently developing the female villain ensemble movie GOTHAM CITY SIRENS with Margot Robbie, who is attached to star as Harley Quinn

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