SUICIDE SQUAD Ladies Are Doing Some Teasing

All the attention has been focused on Harley Quinn in SUICIDE SQUAD but she's not the only female character in the movie. In the new print issue of Entertainment Weekly, the ladies of SUICIDE SQUAD are doing some teasing.

Margot Robbie on Harley Quinn

"David [Ayer] really wanted her to be strong, badass and nuts — but fun as well. Whenever I would be inclined to play into the comedy or play her more likable, he'd always direct me the other way. He wanted her to be pretty vicious."

Viola Davis on Amanda Waller

"'How can I be a badass?' I had to do it internally. Of course I wore my 'fro. And I embraced her bio. That was all I had. I didn't have a cape or a golden lasso."

Cara Delevingne on June Moone / Enchantress

"David [Ayer] asked me to go into a forest under a full moon and take my clothes off to feel what nature felt like, to feel what it felt like to be an animal. And I did it. It didn't sound that weird to me."

Karen Fukuhara on Katana

"She has this samurai spirit, and that's something I've been watching and learning about my whole life. I felt like I knew Katana as soon as I read the comic."

SUICIDE SQUAD releases on August 5.

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