Taking Some Guesses as to Who the Main Villain is in SUICIDE SQUAD

The marketing team behind David Ayer’s SUICIDE SQUAD has done a fantastic job building hype for the movie. While sometimes even bad movies can produce great trailers, most fans have faith this will not be the case here.

The style and music behind these previews invokes a GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY feel which is not a bad thing. SUICIDE SQUAD will have a ton of action, especially with those reshoots, and it will be great to see some of these lesser known Batman villains / DC characters shine on the big screen. 

If anyone was still on the fence about seeing this movie, the shots of Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn are sure to make any skeptic a believer. All these factors should make for a fun time at the movies this summer, but there is one aspect of the film that has not been fully revealed yet: its villain.

Most truly great comic book movies showcase antagonists who give our heroes a reason to fight the good fight. So who will be the big bad Task Force X will go to war with? Let’s take a look at a few of the possibilities. 

The most obvious choice looks to be everyone’s favorite sociopath, the clown prince of crime himself, Jared Leto’s Joker. Since the Joker is not traditionally a part of this team, it would make sense to pit him against them. Even Amanda Waller isn’t foolish enough to try to get the Joker to do her bidding and there are few hints in the trailer that point to him going against the team. The Joker’s eerie “ha-ha-has” combined with Harley’s genuinely scared “uh oh” most likely mean there will be at least one showdown between our “heroes” and Mr. J. 

The Joker most likely escaped (shocker) so it would make sense that Waller would assemble the team to try to take him on. Maybe the Squad was assembled to do the one thing Batman could never bring himself to do and kill the Joker? While Harley Quinn might oppose this plan, the rest of the team would have no problem taking him out especially if their survival depended on it. 

Another presence that has shown up throughout the trailers is some type of foot soldier army with possible meta-human abilities. The scenes that showcase these foes make them look alien or less than human which could provide for some great fight sequences. Could this be a new iteration of the League of Assassins? A secret government agency would definitely take issue with the operations of the League. A few quick shots of a long range attack looks like it could also be something supernatural. 

The wildcard options based on this attack could be Poison Ivy, Clayface, or even Swamp Thing. None of these villains on their own would be much of a challenge for the entire team but could possibly be part of a bigger force. 

The opening line of Trailer No. 2 makes it sound like the Squad was put together in response to the events of MAN OF STEEL. If Superman ever lost control and turned against the people of Earth, who would be able to stop him? The government has always had issues with vigilantes and Waller would love to have something to keep super heroes in check. 

While Superman is most likely not the antagonist here, The Dark Knight easily could be. Most of the members of the team are criminals that Batman locked up and I’m guessing he's not too fond of this experiment. Criminals break out of Arkham enough on their own, does Gotham really the government releasing them? 

The Bat has been shown a few times in the trailers and there were rumors about the production team adding more Batman after Affleck’s impressive performance BATMAN V. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE. There is sure to be some conflict between Batman and the Squad, but will he play a much bigger part than we all originally thought? 

All these possibilities show DC Films has marketed this movie perfectly and fans will be heading to theaters on August 5 to see if SUICIDE SQUAD can become a box office hit.

Written by Tim Miller, DC Films Correspondent -- Click here to read Tim's posts

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