Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Confirms he is BLACK ADAM in SHAZAM - UPDATE: Writer Attached to New Line Cinema Film

The headline says it all as the teases and hints by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson finally come to a close. The actor took to his Twitter account to confirm he is Black Adam in a Shazam movie.

There you have it! Now it's only a matter of time until Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment officially announce when Johnson's Shazam movie will be released in theaters.

If you're not familiar with Black Adam, he is the original Shazam and here's a quick account of who Black Adam is from BadassDigest:

"Black Adam is the original Shazam! - the son of Pharaoh Ramses II, Teth-Adam was given powers by the wizard Shazam (so many Shazams) and for centuries was Egypt's protector. But he went astray and became evil; eventually Shazam stripped him of his powers. But he got them back centuries later when Billy Batson got the power, and the two became arch-enemies. Black Adam has fiipped between good and bad, and has done such morally murky things as killing every single man, woman and child in the fictional nation of Bialya. You know, morally murky stuff like genocide!"

If you want to read more about Black Adam, head over the his character page by clicking right here.

UPDATE: Per Variety, this will be a DC Entertainment and New Line Cinema film, not a Warner Bros. Pictures movie. Warner does own New Line but unlike Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman, Shazam is instead by New Line. Also, the trade website reports that screenwriter Darren Lemke (Jack the Giant Slayer, Shrek Forever After) is attached to write the script.

Does this mean Shazam might not be in the same movie universe as Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman? No clue but it seems plausible right now and until more information is released by Warner Bros.

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Dwayne Johnson Confirms He Will Be in a SHAZAM Movie But He's Still Deciding on the Lead or BLACK ADAM

Source Report: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Will be Featured in a SHAZAM Movie