Source Report: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Will be Featured in a SHAZAM Movie

Right before Comic-Con 2014, in July, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson hinted he might be starring in a Shazam movie. The specific hint was when he used the phrase "...just say the word."

This is one of many teases Johnson has made over the past year or so when it comes to being in a future super hero film. He's teased everything from Lobo to Green Lantern to Black Adam and Shazam. However, the actor has denied that he will be either Lobo and Green Lantern.

What he hasn't confirmed is if he will be either Shazam or Black Adam. Both are closely connected in the comic book universe and it is assumed they would be the protagonist and antagonist in a potential Shazam movie.

Now it seems like a Shazam movie, starring Johnson, is closer than ever to being made. According to The Hollywood Reporter's sources, Johnson will indeed be featured in Shazam. THR wrote:

"Sources say the DC movies will include Justice League, Wonder Woman, Shazam with Dwayne Johnson and Aquaman."

Yesterday, Warner Bros. hired two writers to start work on scripts for Aquaman. Warner has lots of open dates already set for future super hero movies and they will be filled with confirmed movies like Aquaman and perhaps Shazam sooner than later.