GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Dancing GROOT: New Pop Culture Star is Coming (Finally!) From Funko - PRE-ORDER UPDATE

This summer has seen a breakout pop culture moment emerge! Unless you've been off-the-grid you have either seen or heard about dancing Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy.

From the moment the film was released on August 1, Marvel fans everywhere went crazy for the one sentence saying tree-like alien. Believe it or not, Groot's popularity seems to be larger than that of his furry teammate Rocket Raccoon — who has definitely had a mainstream breakout role as well, but Groot's adorable moment in Guardians of the Galaxy has taken pop culture by storm.

A year ago if you'd have guessed which two, between Rocket and Groot, would captivate pop culture more you would have went with Rocket as your pick. It was the logical choice, yet Groot merchandise is selling out faster than Rocket merch is. Amazon is currently sold out of Funko Pop! Groot figure, meanwhile Rocket is still in stock. The Groot figure is already going for over $40 (as of the publishing of this post) and Funko had to manufacture another round of Groot vinyl figures due to the demand and how fast they sold out. The next shipment of Groot is due in stock before the holiday, estimated for November, later this year.

When Groot was dancing fan went nuts and immediately wanted a piece of merch that matched his adorable moment. Marvel didn't have one. Fans questioned whether this was a merch planning fail, an oversight, or intentionally done to create an insatiable demand.

But now, Marvel has come through and has revealed a new Funko Pop! Vinyl of Dancing Groot, although he does not dance in real-time at all. (Marvel has hinted that a real dancing version is coming soon.)

Funko followed up this social media announcement to say release details are coming next week. Stay tuned and The Daily SuperHero will update this post once more information is revealed.

PRE-ORDER UPDATE #1: The online store Big Bad Toy Store is now taking pre-orders for the Funko Dancing Groot. Funko has not officially confirmed the release date and the online toy store estimates its release this December — just in time for the holiday shopping season. Click right here to pre-order yours now!

PRE-ORDER UPDATE #2: Entertainment Earth is now taking pre-order for Dancing Groot and has an estimated release date set for December. Click right here to pre-order yours on EE now!

Finally, you know you want to see this little scene again (and again [and again]), so watch it below. You're welcome!

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