Was There a BETA RAY BILL Cameo in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY? Upon Further Review...

One of the reasons to see Guardians of the Galaxy multiple times in the theater goes beyond how fun and entertaining the film is and it's because of all the potential Easter Eggs seen (and still unseen) in The Collector's collection.

For those who haven't seen the movie yet here's your SPOILER ALERT to stop reading, go see it now and then come back to this post. You've been warned...

There's a screenshot from The Collector's collection going around which shows two things—one of which is being highly debated. The first is Howard the Duck's quick cameo in captivity and before his end credits reveal. The second (highly debated) thing is that The Collector MIGHT HAVE Beta Ray Bill locked up too. See the grainy screenshot below.

It is difficult to see but it COULD BE Beta Ray Bill in the image. However, the image itself is not clear enough to tell for sure. Now if this is him, the fact you can't tell was probably done on purpose so posts like this can be made and fans can talk about it online, at the bar with friends and during a work break around the water cooler.

For those who do not know, Beta Ray Bill is the champion of the Korbinite race and was genetically modified by the race's top scientists. When Beta Ray Bill first meets Thor, in the comics, he actually beats down the God of Thunder in an epic battle (this story arc is called The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill) and when he reached for Mjolnir, he became the first character worthy of picking it up. Odin saw Beta Ray Bill's worthiness and gave Beta Ray Bill his own enchanted hammer called Stormbreaker. To read more on Beta Ray Bill, click here to head over to his Marvel character page.

Is it really Beta Ray Bill? That's a question writer/director James Gunn will have to answer... if he even wants to. UPDATE: Well, Gunn did answer this. Click here to read the official word.

Upon further review after seeing Guardians of the Galaxy for a second time in the theater earlier today, and specifically looking for this moment, I can tell you that it is impossible to really tell if this is actually Beta Ray Bill. However, there was definitely a red cape, orange and bald back of a head and a large muscular orange arm. It COULD BE Beta Ray Bill but it is definitely something that will need confirmation from Gunn or one of the Marvel Studios executives.