DOCTOR STRANGE Rumor: Is Marvel Targeting 'Boardwalk Empire' Actor Jack Huston?

The rumored list of actor candidates for Doctor Strange just keep growing. So far Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hardy, Jared Leto, Jon Hamm, Johnny Depp and Joaquin Phoenix have all been some of the biggest actor names rumored to be targeted by Marvel Studios.

According to the website ThisIsInfamous, Boardwalk Empire actor Jack Huston is the next rumored target by the studio to play the good Doctor. However, it needs to be said that this is the same website who claimed earlier this year that Hamm was definitely going to be Doctor Strange and now they have changed their tune and are reporting this now. (Hmm...)

While Huston may be a somewhat unknown actor to the mainstream, his star is on the rise since he was in the HBO series. He is 31 and is at a great age to play a younger version of Doctor Strange and will be able to play him for the long term as per Marvel's extensive 6-9 picture deals they have most of their actors sign on for.

Again, this is just a rumor so take it with a grain of salt. But Huston definitely fits that mold of an under-the-radar actor that Marvel likes to hire.

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