CAPTAIN AMERICA 3 Official Title Reveal Coming Soon and Filming Starts in Atlanta in Spring 2015

Marvel's Ant-Man has its base of operations at Pinewood Studios in Atlanta. The new state-of-the-art complex is located south of the city and Ant-Man is the first production to use the new facility.

Marvel Studios now seems to be staking their claim at Pinewood in Atlanta before other studios have a chance to get through its doors. After Ant-Man is finished filming another Marvel film will start production and have its base of operations there.

Captain America 3 directors Anthony and Joe Russo spoke with and confirmed the threequel will set up shop in Atlanta for its base of operations in spring 2015. Although they will move the filming to other location shoots, which will be determined soon.

"We shoot in the spring, April I believe," Joe said. "We’ll be in Atlanta. Typically you go to Atlanta, you do your stage work, and then move on to locations after that. So there’s various locations."
"[I]t’s not an all-Atlanta shoot, it’s a lot of stage work in Atlanta," Anthony said. "There’s other locations that are also involved that I don’t think we can get into."

The brothers, then, mentioned how an official title for Captain America 3 is coming very soon.

"It will be soon. Look, sometimes the announcement waits on certain business deals to be completed so we’re just kind of waiting on the business end of the issue to sort of settle itself and we’ll be ready to announce it. But we’re hoping in a month or so at the most."

Sounds like Marvel could be waiting for official Trademark paperwork to clear before announcing the title for Cap 3. Up next for Marvel Studios should be an official announcement of what the unknown, mystery movie release is in July 2016 very soon. (Probably their worst kept secret, Doctor Strange.)

Captain America 3 is set to release in theaters on May 6, 2016.