CAPTAIN AMERICA 3 Directors Confirm First Script Draft is Done and Plot Questions Surrounding the WINTER SOLDIER

While making the rounds to promote the digital HD download release (available now) and next month's Blu Ray and DVD release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier (September 9), director Anthony and Joe Russo have been teasing little things about what they're developing for Captain America 3.

MTV News spoke with the Russo brothers and they confirmed the first script draft, by screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, has been handed in last week. The directors also revealed a few of the questions surrounding the Winter Soldier's ongoing story arc that have been motivation in the development of the next film's plot.

“Is the Winter Soldier the world’s most dangerous assassin that’s ever lived or the world’s longest serving P.O.W.? Is he responsible for his actions since he was turned into the Winter Soldier, or is he innocent by reason of insanity? Where does this character live now? Is he ever going to be acceptable again to Cap in the way he once was, before he was the Winter Soldier? Those are the really complicated relationship questions and philosophical questions and emotional questions that intrigued us moving forward. 
“We spent a lot of time thinking about that relationship, between Cap and the Winter Soldier. How that processes through a filter of Cap’s political associations, the specifics of that relationship, we pour it all in a shaker and mix it up.”

The Russo brothers can't talk about Captain America 3 too much since what might be in the current script draft can (and will) change between now and when the threequel is projected to start filming in spring/summer 2015. Stay tuned.

Captain America 3 releases in theaters on May 6, 2016.