A Comic-Con Strategy: Buy First Appearance Comics and Discontinued Action Figures the Day Before Preview Night

While many fans are planning which San Diego Comic-Con International panels to attend or which exclusives they need to pursue, there is something some fans overlook right before SDCC. The Daily SuperHero is here to clue you into a little thing that I've done the past few years right before SDCC. And that is to channel your inner psychic to buy things in anticipation of new Comic-Con movie reveals.

This is really a strategy for the fan collectors.

We all know the rumors of what films might be announced by Marvel Studios and Warner Bros., so when some of those films are confirmed the fans go crazy and immediately start pursuing first appearance comic book issues and discontinued action figures due those new reveals.

A quick example of this is from Marvel Studios' 2013 panel when they revealed the title for the Avengers sequel was going to be Avengers: Age of Ultron. The convention floor was already closed when this reveal was made so when I got back into the convention floor on Sunday morning, I went around to vendors looking for Ultron's first cameo and full appearance issues. Even though I couldn't possibly be at every vendor booth at the same time, each one I checked was already sold out of those issues or increased the prices dramatically. Plus, on eBay, prices went through the roof of those issues. Fans were excited and scooped up issues quickly or began bidding wars online.

The point of telling you all of this is to maximize your costs. The Tuesday before Preview Night is one of the best days for fan collectors to get to their local comic shop or log into eBay to find the items you want and that may skyrocket in price after an announcement.

If you think Black Panther is about to get the green light by Marvel Studios, then go grab your Hasbro Marvel Universe or Marvel Legends action figures or first appearance issue now! If you think Shazam is about to be announced then go get your first appearance issue now! If you think X-Force could be announced, do the same!

Of course there's some risk in a particular movie not being officially announced at Comic-Con this week and even if this becomes reality, you still got your figure or first appearance on-the-cheap.

Good luck shopping and Happy Comic-Con to all!

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