Comic-Con 2014 Rumors: What's in Store For MARVEL Movies and TV at SDCC? [UPDATED]

"A grain of salt." It's a phrase used too often when you read things on websites regarding Marvel movies and television shows. And for good reason too.

This time last year, I was sent information which implied Marvel was getting ready to move forward with a Doctor Strange movie and it told to me that it could be announced at Comic-Con 2013. I took a risk on that info and it backfired. Marvel did not announce Doctor Strange, although they have definitely moved forward with a potential movie by hiring a writer and director over the past few months.

This was a big lesson for me. A lesson to not take such risks when it comes to publishing scoops. By the way, the last scoop I got wrong was that one from last year. (Check out my scoop accuracy by clicking right here.)

But what's the point of telling you all of this? The point is that no one is perfect in the scoop game and I learned my lesson last year and wanted to do the honorable thing by coming clean and saying that yes I was wrong.

Since that's out of the way, let's move on the to point of this post and that's for me to tell you about the Marvel-related things I've been hearing that could happen at SDCC at the end of this month. Some of these may have been also reported on other websites, but this is info from some of my own insiders and sources. All of this needs to be considered as rumor and not fact. (Cue that grain of salt comment!)

  • Marvel Studios may show footage for Avengers: Age of Ultron which will not be made available to the general public and is exclusive to those who waited for the Marvel Studios panel in Hall H[ydra].
  • At Marvel's Comic-Con booth, they may reveal the entire suit or a piece of the Hulkbuster Iron Man armor that will be in Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • First look at Ultron, or at an Ultron-bot, may be revealed.
  • Final concept art for Ant-Man might be revealed.
  • The finalized Ant-Man suit might be revealed.
  • The first official look of the Daredevil suit in Marvel's Netflix series may be revealed.
  • The actor who will play Doctor Strange may be announced and could also make a surprise appearance during Marvel's panel. (No different than when they surprised fans by announcing Mark Ruffalo was cast as the Hulk several years back.)
  • Captain America 3 should get an official title.
  • The main cast of The Fantastic Four might make a surprise appearance at Fox's panel. (The main cast of X-Men Days of Future Past surprised fans at Comic-Con last year.)
  • Sony may reveal a release date for their Spider-Man spin-off, Sinister Six.
  • UPDATE 7/16/14: Since Marvel has only officially confirmed actors Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas for Ant-Man (seriously, all other actor names attached have not been confirmed by the studio), there's word swirling around that the official main cast may be announced/confirmed in Hall H[ydra].

And there you go. This is what I've heard over the past week. Some may come true and some may not. But in the end, fans will definitely get some big announcements at SDCC because that's what Comic-Con is all about! 

Good luck to those who will be waiting for a chance to get into Hall H[ydra] for Marvel Studios' panel at SDCC!