Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lucasfilm Updates: STAR WARS EPISODE VII Security and INDIANA JONES 5 Development Reports Corroborated

Disney and Lucasfilm are hard at work right now and some of their work has been reported exclusively by The Daily SuperHero over the past few months too. Now, some of these things that were reported here first, are now being corroborated by other websites.

First up is a Star Wars Episode VII update. Back in August, one of my production insiders told me how Disney an Luscafilm were clamping down on security to prevent any leaks from the highly anticipated addition to the Star Wars Saga. Now the website Den of Geek has corroborated my report from five months ago.

"There's been a security clampdown in the prop shop at Pinewood Studios, but we now understand that work is afoot on building a full scale Millennium Falcon there. Furthermore, model makers are also building lightsaber hilts. This would tie into reports that the emphasis is going to be on practical, rather than computer effects wherever possible with future Star Wars films."

Yes, a full scale Millennium Falcon is reportedly being built, which shouldn't be a surprise since half of the Falcon was built to scale for the original Star Wars trilogy, in the early 80s. Plus, back in November, there was another report about a full scale Falcon being worked on.

Next up is an Indiana Jones 5 update. In October, my insider told me how talks about another Indiana Jones film were being had behind closed doors. Again, the site Den of Geek corroborated this.

"There's one more thing too, and we went back to double check this point with our source. The planning office is listing which stages are booked in advance, and for what film. Listed on those plans - before Christmas at least - was Indiana Jones 5. To address the Indiana Jones point specifically: work on that has been mooted as a possible job as part of those long-term contracts. It's very much being described as a "possible lead in to another Indy", but nothing more than that."

While Star Wars Episode VII is set to begin production and filming in May, it also sounds like Indiana Jones 5 will continue to be discussed behind closed doors as Disney looks to maximize both franchises that came with their purchase of Lucasfilm.

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