IRON MAN 3 Easter Egg: Thunderstorm News Report Could be a Teaser

If you haven't seen Iron Man 3 yet, spoilers are coming immediately. (Gosh it gets tiresome writing that, so please go see it.)

Let's get to a possible Iron Man 3 Easter Egg. Marvel Studios loves to tease things, especially the next movie during Phase 1 and it seems Marvel Studios may have actually teased Thor: The Dark World in the threequel.

While Tony Stark is thought to be dead, after the attack on his mansion, he commandeers a television news van while laying low to research his attacker. After he instructs his "biggest fan" to increase the power on the roof of the truck, Stark is seen looking up information on Extremis.

In the background, one of the monitors shows that a thunderstorm is on the East Coast. What Avenger is associated with thunder? A God of Thunder.

Maybe this is coincidence, but Marvel likes to insert little fun things like this into backgrounds from time-to-time. Subtle things like a thunderstorm news report.

Do not doubt that this could be a nod to Thor: The Dark World since it is the next movie releasing in Phase 2 of Marvel's Cinematic Universe this November.