Iron Man 3 Rumor: Is a certain female Avenger making her debut?

Iron Man 3 continues (and will continue) to make headlines in the rumor mill until it is released in theaters in May 2013. Potential SPOILER ALERT!

According to, one of their sources has told them that female actress, Stephanie Szostak will be portraying Janet van Dyne in the Armored Avenger's next movie. For the non-comic book followers, van Dyne is also known as The Avenger the Wasp.

Sort of corroborating this rumor is the now favorite underground "insider" Twitter handle, Roger Wardell. This handle is known for its mysterious nature of tweeting out various Marvel movie news and rumors. Wardell tweeted out the following yesterday:

Finally over on IMDb, Szostak is listed in the cast but without a role. See the screenshot below.

So maybe Szostak is going to be the Wasp but until more information is provided please take this as just a rumor for right now. But this information also goes along with what we've been reporting on how Iron Man 3 could also be setting up things for Marvel's Ant-Man movie too (the link to that post is below).

Stay tuned as The Daily SuperHero monitors this potential story.

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