Iron Man 3 is looking like it has a ton of influence on setting up Marvel Studios' Ant-Man movie
By Daniel Wolf

A few weeks back, we here at The Daily SuperHero reported a rumor saying Iron Man 3 could be setting up the villain in Marvel Studios' Ant-Man movie. This was due to Marvel casting Chinese actor Xueqi Wang to play Chen Lu. In the comic universe, Lu is also known as Radioactive Man.

new rumor corroborates this other rumor and it says that Iron Man 3 may really have more to do with the Ant-Man movie than most originally thought it would. The new rumor states in the current draft of writer/director Edgar Wright's Ant-Man movie Advanced Idea Mechanics (A.I.M.) will play a huge role in the film.

We already knew A.I.M. will play a role in Iron Man 3 when set photos were leaked showing an A.I.M. sign in front of a building in North Carolina and since Marvel was handing out free A.I.M. shirts at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con.

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It needs to be stated that Radioactive Man does not have an affiliation with A.I.M., in the comics, but that doesn't mean his big screen version won't. The two biggest names associated with A.I.M. in the comics are Baron Stucker and MODOK. However, neither of these two villains are known for going head-to-head and being one of Ant-Man's main bad guys either. But again ... that could change in the movie universe.

In order to show how much influence Iron Man 3 could seriously have with an Ant-Man movie, let's take a step back in time to March 2007 when Wright spoke with about his Ant-Man research.

"Obviously I can’t interview anyone that’s got shrinking serum, [but] in terms of who the characters are though – yeah,"Wright said about doing research for his Ant-Man script, way back in 2007. "[I'm learning about] nanotechnology and all that. We have done a bit of research on it, yeah – and will continue to do so. It’s great. It’s really fascinating."

You know what has nanotechnology in it? You guessed, Iron Man 3's story is said to be heavily based on nanotechnology and the "Extremis" story arc from the comics.

Intrigued about all of this info? You should be.

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