LEGION Chapter 18 Review

This episode of LEGION starts off with David and Sydney in the desert looking for the Shadow King. Sydney walks out of the tent and sees a giant hole in the middle of the desert with an enormous drain plug next to it. Suddenly a rabbit, who is caught on a hook, comes flying out of the hole. When Sydney tries to rescue the rabbit, she ends up being dragged in. With an introduction like a horror film, LEGION once again takes us for a ride with unexpected style and visual changes.

David wakes up and finds the hole but is not sure if Sydney fell into it or not. Inside the hole, it is revealed that Melanie snagged Sydney. Melanie begins to rant about how men ruin women’s lives, and she takes Sydney to a strange, pool-like screen. On the screen, Sydney watches David as he looks for her. Melanie continues to rant about how men only use women for their bodies and their self-esteem. 

Melanie begins to show Sydney all the bad sides of David, including when he killed for the Shadow King. Sydney tries to defend David by saying he was under control, but Melanie points out David smiling while killing as he seems to enjoy being evil. 

While searching for Sydney, David finds the monk’s temple. He goes inside to find Oliver, or the Shadow King, sitting at a table singing. David forcefully shoves him out of his chair and tries to get him to talk. When Oliver refuses, David uses his psychic powers to get inside Oliver’s mind so torture him. David begins to torture him, and just like Melanie pointed out, David seems to be enjoying it. Unfortunately, Sydney can see David enjoying torture through Melanie’s screen. 

Dan Stevens as David is fantastic to watch as a revenge-seeking lunatic. It’s a significant change of character, especially this season that is fascinating to watch. 

Lenny arrives in the desert and approaches the giant hole, but there is a group of men sitting cross-legged next to it. Lenny goes and sits next to them, but can’t get any answer from them since their heads are in locked safes. 

There is one point in the scene where Lenny takes out the weapon from the box, and it obviously shouldn’t have been able to fit in the box. Little moments like these make LEGION such a treat to watch. The show relies so heavily on visual storytelling. The show continually throws the audience for a loop and as a result my eyes are always glued to the screen. 

Back in the underground chamber, Melanie shows Sydney a video of David kissing future Sydney. Sydney is hurt but doesn’t want Melanie to see. 

The lighting and mood in the underground chamber are eerie and yet calming. The glowing, warm colors go together so well. There was another shot in this scene I loved. As Melanie reveals the truth about David, there is a fire flickering behind Sydney’s head and it matches Sydney’s feelings perfectly. 

Melanie then tells Sydney another secret. Sydney watches as her future self reveals David is the reason for the end of the world. Melanie explains that it is possible because David has been tricked, abused, and “insane” all of his life. Melanie continues to show Sydney all the evil in David’s life. 

Cary and Kerry lead a team of Division 3 soldiers into the desert to find their friends. They find Lenny’s car and the locked safes from earlier, but the people who were stuck inside the safes are now missing. They then approach the giant whole as people, who are ready to attack, begin to crawl out. The men use devices to create a high-pitched noise which have violent results for Division 3. The soldiers kneel to the ground and start to puke, but Lenny resists the sound and begins to fight. Kerry fights the group of men and manages to defeat them. In her horror, even more men crawl out of the hole and get ready to attack. 

David finishes torturing Oliver, and Oliver reveals the Shadow King is no longer in his body because he took Melanie’s body. David was torturing Oliver the entire time, but Oliver was unable to tell him. David watches as his friend lays on the ground dead-like. 

Melanie goes to a chamber and begins sobbing as she finds the Shadow King’s body. 

The Shadow King successfully tricks Sydney and David, so he releases a giant Minotaur inside the hole. After years of waiting, the Shadow King finally returns to his body. The lighting and mood change as the Shadow King possess his body. It is eerie and portrays the villain as a God. It is quiet and unsettling watching him rise from his coffin in the golden light. The set and the music contradict each other, but in a great way sends chills down my spine. 

Kerry continues to fight men from the hole, and she is surprisingly winning. She finishes the fight with Lenny’s help as Lenny takes out the last two men with her weapon. Taking advantage of the craziness, a man crabs Cary and drags him into the hole. Kerry goes down after him for a rescue mission while Lenny waits on the surface. 

The massive Minotaur the Shadow King released snags the man who took Cary. Cary runs away and appears in the room Oliver was being tortured in. David is sitting in the room, but he is oddly calm. David is acting so weird because he wants to take the life of the Shadow King. 

Kerry roams the dark, maze-like walls of the chamber looking for Cary. Instead, she finds Sydney, and Sydney is in shock and tells Kerry they have to stop David. The giant Minotaur interrupts them and the two women team up to fight against the beast, but it doesn’t look like they are going to win. 

Division 3 arrives in the desert with a weapon to dampen mutant powers, but the Shadow King easily takes them out now that he is in his real body. The Shadow King lifts the weapon out of the ground and tosses it far away. The episode ends with the Shadow King at his full power and David awaiting his revenge. 

Written by James Philbrick, LEGION Beat Writer

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