Does a new photo of the Mandarin in Iron Man 3 also serve as a teaser to the monster Fin Fang Foom?

Marvel has revealed a new image of the Iron Man 3 villain the Mandarin and after a quick glance at it, something seriously stood out in the background.

Now please take this with a grain of salt, since this is pure speculation, but when you look at the wall behind the Mandarin you can see what looks like a dragon carving. If you are not familiar with Marvel comics and the history of the Mandarin's 10 rings of power, then you would know that it could be none other than Fin Fang Foom.

Fin Fang Foom is not really a dragon. He is an reptilian alien (called Makluan) who came to Earth, with a few others from his race, to conquer the planet. Fin Fang Foom was the navigator of the ship that arrived in ancient China but was put into catatonic state. Then the Mandarin found the Makluan's 10 alien-powered rings and stole them for himself.

The Mandarin is directed to and releases Fin Fang Foom—by the captain of the alien ship who has changed his shape to blend in with the human race—and thus the connection between the two of them.

Again, this is just a theory that Fin Fang Foom could be connected with the big screen version of the Mandarin. The carving in the wall, in this new image, may just be an Easter egg and nothing else. Still pretty cool if Marvel has giving a nod to Fin Fang Foom either way.

Check out the new image of the Mandarin below!

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