Iron Man 3 Rumor: Marvel Studios to continue the trend of mid- and post-credits scenes in their movies

Back in April, when Marvel Studios' The Avengers was screening and before its official May release rolled in, Marvel was not showing any mid- or post-credits scenes at the screenings or even at its Hollywood premiere. Marvel only had a mid-credits scene ready for the big, official release but decided to add another in the 11th hour. The studio shot the Shawarma scene after the Hollywood premiere and added it to the very end as well.

Now there is a new rumor circulating around the comic book movie rumor mill saying Marvel will continue using the mid- and post-credits scene concept with Iron Man 3 and all their Phase 2 movies in order to help set up upcoming movies and the big ensemble sequel, The Avengers 2.

If Iron Man 3 is to have two scenes in its credits, hypothetically, one would have to think one will set up Thor: The Dark World—since it's the next Marvel movie out after Iron Man 3—and the other could be the Ant-Man test footage that Marvel has confirmed to be readying for an eventual public release.

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