Iron Man 3 Opinion: Has Tony Stark lost control of his suits or does Extremis create Artificial Intelligence?
Don't judge but this writer has watched the Iron Man 3 trailer multiple times and has even gone through it to the point where you do that thing and hit play-pause really quick to see everything there is to see in it. But this is done for a reason and one of the reasons is to figure out/speculate why it seems like Tony Stark's suits are out of control in several scenes.

There's the scene where one of his suits wakes up Pepper Potts while Stark is in bed with her (or that's Iron Patriot but it's most likely an out of control suit). Another scene is when Stark is on the ground and one of his suits is right on top of him (above screenshot). The most important scene in the trailer could be on Air Force One.

If you go frame-by-frame (you don't have to since we have two screenshots from this scene below) you'll see an Iron Man suit hand come through the plane, which causes the explosion and sucks people out of the plane and into the sky. See for yourself...

So what might be one of the biggest questions, followed by one of the biggest speculations, is to ask, "Is Stark losing control of his suits or are his suits 'coming alive' on their own?"

Using the nanotech virus, Extremis, from the comic book universe maybe the Mandarin has found a way to use Extremis to control Stark's suits. Or maybe someone else is in the suit altogether.

But in a bit of big-time speculation, let's say Stark is on the brink of creating Artificial Intelligence and what we are seeing is his suit(s) realizing this on their own. If A.I. is being introduced then that means Extremis is setting up the possible introduction of Marvel's greatest A.I. robotic villain of all, Ultron. But of course that would mean Marvel's Ant-Man movie is being set up by Iron Man 3 as well—and this isn't the first time we here at The Daily SuperHero have speculated this idea either.

It's all guesses right now but why not have fun with it at the same time, right?!

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