Ghostbusters to shoot in summer 2013 without Bill Murray but no word on if it's a sequel or reboot

By Daniel Wolf

The Ghostbusters appear to be taking their jumpsuits to the cleaners and checking their proton packs in order to make sure everything is clean and in working order since they will be stepping in from of cameras next summer.

You heard that right, the Ghostbusters 3 will start shooting their next movie in summer 2013! But hold on a minute because they will shoot without actor Bill Murray and the "3" may not be attached to the new movie title either.

According to, Paramount is trying to find time in Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman's schedule for another movie shoot ('Draft Day' which he'll co-direct with Kevin Costner) but are having a hard time finding the room since Reitman's schedule is extremely busy in 2013 with Ghostbusters planned for next summer and other projects on his plate too.

No word on if this Ghostbuster will be an actual sequel now that Murray is out and that will act as a reboot—a "passing of the torch from the old Ghostbusters to new ones" type of thing—or just a full blown reboot with a brand new cast.

Definitely stay tuned because this is the first Ghostbuster news to hit the web in months and if it indeed shooting next summer, you can bet casting news will start hitting the news wires soon.

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