Is Marvel Studios Targeting Black Panther Debut Soon With Actor Aldis Hodge in Mind?

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By Daniel Wolf

Before Marvel Studios announced that Guardians of the Galaxy would be hitting the big screen in August 2014, rumors were rampant saying a Black Panther movie would be the next solo franchise to be release. Obviously this was not the case but recent information has rumors circulating saying that Black Panther could be joining the Marvel cinematic universe sooner than later.

Per the Twitter account owned by one unknown Roger Wardell, who has reported Marvel info before the studio has made official announcements about the same info, it seems actor Aldis Hodge (Leverage) is a possible target to play the King of Wakanda.

Well, technically Wardell said Hodge is on the radar but doesn't give further details. Having Hodge as Black Panther is merely a guess on our part but it makes sense seeing as how Hodge was quoted as talking about this role back in July, during Comic-Con.

"To me, it would be amazing for Marvel to put that out there," Hodge told during Comic-Con. "Because think about how many superhero movies we have but how many of [the heroes], from a cultural standpoint, are black?" he continues. "How many African-American kids, or Latin kids, any kids of any other culture or ethnic group, can look at somebody up there and say, ‘Wow, I could be that.’ We don’t have that very often at all."

Hodge continued, and showed a bit of the fanboy in him, regarding the potential of making an actual Black Panther movie.

"[A Black Panther movie] would just be plain cool, man! I grew up in a Marvel universe, and Black Panther was my connection to make me feel like I could be a superhero," Hodge said. "And The Avengers [movie] falls right into it because The Ultimate Avengers 2 [comic book series] is how Black Panther gets introduced, so it would flow naturally. It’d be a smart time to do it."

Perhaps Marvel is considering a debut for the Black Panther in one of their other Phase Two solo films of maybe in The Avengers 2. But this is just a guess on our part, here at The Daily SuperHero.

Whether we can consider this Wardell Twitter account to be legit or not remains to be seen but his track record seems to speak for itself since he did report on casting news for Captain America: The Winter Soldier before Marvel made their own announcements.

Stay tuned.