Black Panther Rumored to Have a Script But Marvel Studios is Not Sure if it's a Tentpole Film
By Daniel Wolf

Even though it has not been announced as part of Marvel Studios' Phase Two, there is still quite a buzz for a Black Panther movie. However, Marvel is not convinced a solo Black Panther flick would hold up on the big screen.

Per the Twitter account of Roger Wardell, who has reported facts that actually happened before they were officially announced, a script is ready for a solo Black Panther film but there is some cause for concern at Marvel, who wants "tentpole" movies for characters who can hold their own in a solo adventure.

"Inside News: Marvel Studios has a Black Panther script, but they are having doubts whether or not if the character could hold his own film."

It's not that Black Panther is a tough character to bring to the big screen, he would have many amazing set pieces in Africa (or at least via green screen and computer graphics), but having a second film could be the big issue here. Once the Black Panther is introduced and his origin is told in what would be his first solo movie where does the studio go in a second movie?

That's the mystery since the character does play a better supporting role in the comic book universe by being a part of The Avengers and showing up to help out other superhero teams too. So there's a reason he hasn't had a consistent and ongoing comic book title but then again the same could be said about Ant-Man, who has his own solo flick now.

Stay tuned as more information or rumors are sure to follow.

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