More Doctor Strange Buzz in Thor: The Dark World Rumored Appearance
By Daniel Wolf

A few days back a rumor hit the Internet saying how Thor: The Dark World could be adding a certain doctor to its cast and that Marvel Studios was targeting actor Viggo Mortensen to play the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange.

Now over on the website The Playlist, they have speculated how the good doctor could play a larger role in the Thor sequel, in their recent podcast. They say Doctor Strange could play a role that is similar to what Dr. Erik Selvig had from the first film.

"The Playlist claimed that Natalie Portman’s character Jane Foster could be working alongside Dr. Strange in a similar capacity as she did with Stellan SkarsgĂ„rd’s Dr. Erik Selvig in the first film, and that Strange would be playing a big part in 'all three acts' of the film, as opposed to being relegated to a cameo-type introduction. He would play a scientist (he’s a genius neurosurgeon in the comics) and someone who’s deeply interested in Foster’s stories and knowledge about Asgard and Thor."

Interesting theory and if this actually happened it would be a great way to introduce a Dr. Stephen Strange to the big screen—and maybe before he even has any mystic and magical powers. Doctor Strange does fit the cosmic theme Marvel is going after in Phase Two of their cinematic universe.

Nothing is certain right now but this is one idea Marvel should pursue.

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