THE MARVELS Review: This Team-Up Movie is a Joy and Sets Up Really Big Things For the MCU

***This is a spoiler-free review.***

It's been four years since CAPTAIN MARVEL made her debut in her own film and that movie grossed over $1 billion worldwide. Now comes the sequel, titled THE MARVELS, which is a mini-team-up movie featuring Carol Danvers, Kamala Khan, and Monica Rambeau. And let's not forget Nick Fury as well as Goose the cat!

Heading into this movie release there's been some negative flop narrative surrounding it, so when I got to the theater last night I was cautiously optimistic for this movie being at least a mid-tier MCU film. Boy was I wrong.

This sequel is filled with so much fun and joy throughout there is hope it will exceed expectations for it's release in the box office. The girls teamed-up are easily the best parts of the movie as they learn to become a team and work together to defeat their Kree foes. 

Now while the movie isn't some kind of game changing formula to change MCU movies moving forward, it definitely lays the groundwork for the future of the much larger MCU as the story arc heads toward that AVENGERS: SECRET WARS movie several years down the road. 

The plot of the film is quite simple, but that does not take away from the overall movie experience. There's humor (of course), action, drama, and a big reveal due to the events within the film. But I won't spoil that except to say that reveal is at the end of the movie. Oh... and there's another big reveal in the mid-credits that is a result of the film's story that'll have jaws dropping and faces melting.

Performances by the team trio are really great. Oh... and Goose is fantastic. Riding along with Danvers on her adventures and lending a helping hand along with way.  

Of course Khan shines through and you can tell she's just having a blast being alongside of Danvers and Rambeau. She's such a delight while Danvers is in a more serious role in this group and Rambeau is the brains of the bunch. All use their powers in such a fun way as they swap spots with each other a lot. And you should know this based on what has already been revealed in MS. MARVEL

There is a uniqueness to this sequel and at one point when the team travels to another world and with the way they communicate on that planet. It catches you off-guard and adds to the joy of this movie and all I will say about it is that it's a very Barbie movie type of moment that doesn't drag on too long, but long enough to where it should give some big smiles while in your theater seat.

In the end, THE MARVELS is an MCU movie that shouldn't be ignored as it is so very important in the future stories of the MCU. And if you choose to take a pass on this movie, you'll be missing out on very important plot points that will in fact carry forward and shape the MCU.

Reviewed and written by DailySuperHero founder and editor-in-chief Daniel Wolf