Hasbro's Greed Has No Limit Anymore as They Increase Selfies Series Figures From $60 to $80

Dear Hasbro, 

What is wrong and/or broken at your company for your constant price increases?


Every Hasbro figure collector

Seriously though, Hasbro has gone off the rails with their constant price increases on their most popular lines. I believe we have had three increases over the past 2-plus years now, along with recent failures at their over-priced HasLab projects (see the Rancor campaign and now the Ghost Rider campaign which has lost nearly 600 backers over this past weekend alone), and now add their new Selfie Series into the mix.

According to Gizmodo, Hasbro is increasing the price of this new Selfie Series from $60 a figure to a whopping $80 a figure.


What's wrong Hasbro? Your competitors like Funko, McFarlane Toys, and Mattel have had one price increase over the past 2-plus years due to inflation, manufacturing issues, and supply chain problems. And yet here we still are still seeing Hasbro's greed flexing at a time when it needs to chill out. 

Sorry for the rant here, but it is needed because as a long-time collector, Hasbro is literally pushing me (and many others) away from their products. At this point, I'd rather buy Mafex or S.H.Figuarts figures in the $80 range than buy any more Star Wars The Black Series or Marvel Legends figures. At least those company's make higher end and way better quality figures over Hasbro's low end figures that used to be $20 and are most definitely over-priced now closing in on $30 per figure. 

Shame on you Hasbro. You're no longer following your own motto, "Where Fans Come First."