FREE GUY Review: Ryan Reynolds Delivers a Movie That is Popcorn Entertainment Bliss


It has been a long time since I've been to a press screener. In fact, it has been just over two years now. Wow. Typing that out and I still can't believe it which is why when my local press screener rep contacted me to attend the FREE GUY screening there was no way I could say no. So let's get into it.

FREE GUY is rated PG-13 but after seeing it I would have to say that parents can bring their kids, especially their gamer kids, to see this movie. Although please note that I do not have kids so I may not be the best to judge this. Besides an F-bomb and a few S-words, the movie seems like a solid trip to the theater for the family to enjoy this fun ride.

I had a smile on my face the entire time this movie was playing. It was very fun, entertaining, and provided a few really fun/funny moments toward the end. This is a spoiler-free review so I will not say much more than those moments definitely feel like Disney added a few things into the mix after they acquired 20th Century Fox's assets... of which this movie was included in that deal. 

My initial reaction was the thought, "Wow! This really feels like a live action GRAND THEFT AUTO video game movie!" And it is a solid comparison even though the GTA franchise is rated mature and this movie is not.

Actor and producer Ryan Reynolds plays Guy, who is an NPC (non-playable character), and begins to realize things are not what they seem in the land of Free City (this is also the title of the game Guy is a part of). And it is when Guy sees the woman of his dreams (Jodie Comer who plays Millie and her gaming avatar Molotov Girl) that the movie really starts going as Guy begins to stray away from his NPC code loop of doing the same thing over and over again. You can tell Reynolds absolutely had a blast making this movie as it is right in his wheelhouse of his comedic tone and irreverence. 

There is way more to this story than Guy becoming self-aware. The real world collides with the gaming world of Free City and Guy is there to help solve a mystery about the coding of the game itself. This takes him on an adventure of fun leveling-up within the game to become a stronger character and because of the nature of streaming gaming in today's real world, Guy becomes a viral and Internet sensation with everyone watching.

The real world watches as he learns new moves, gains lots of money, and gets a slew of very cool weapons. Gamers will notice some of the weapons he acquires as they are from various video games and pop culture fanfare, both past and present. 

Actor Taika Waititi plays the villain, who is the game's creator and he is out to stop Guy's attempt to solving the mystery that is set before him. And there's a pretty fun cameo from another actor that should put some smiles on moviegoers' faces.

FREE GUY is popcorn entertainment bliss and everyone who grew up with video games will find something very enjoyable with this film. 

Reviewed and written by Daniel Wolf, Founder & Publisher