First Episode of WANDAVISION Will be Black and White and Was Filmed in Front of a Live Studio Audience

Entertainment Weekly has revealed some interesting information about the upcoming Marvel Studios series WANDAVISION

On their trip to the set of the exclusive Disney+ series, it was revealed how the first episode of the show was in fact taped in black and white and in front of a live studio audience. But the throwback did not stop there as crew members were dressed in 50-s era clothes and the special effects were ripped straight from the wire-work done in shows like BEWTICHED and I DREAM OF JEANNIE. EW writes:

"The special-effects team employed wires and camera tricks... making wine bottles appear to pour on their own and household appliances zoom about like magic.

"Bettany and Olsen rehearsed their entrances and exits as if putting on a play, and at first, they say the notion of live performance terrified them more than any Marvel supervillain. But by the time they secured their first audience chuckle, the pair realized they might have missed their calling as sitcom stars. 'It was insanity,' Olsen, 31, says with a laugh. 'There was something very meta for my own life because I would visit those tapings as a kid, where my sisters were working [on Full House].'"

Of course it was Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige who came up with the concept of WANDAVISION to explore different eras of sitcom television as he too is a big fan nerd of the genre.

“I would get ready for the day and watch some old sitcom because I couldn’t take the news anymore. Getting ready to go to set over the last few years, I kept thinking of how influential these programs were on our society and on myself, and how certainly I was using it as an escape from reality where things could be tied up in a nice bow in 30 minutes."

WANDAVISION does not have an official release date, yet, but rumors seem to hint it could debut at the end of December 2020 or in January 2021.

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