DEADPOOL 3 Finally Gets Rolling as Marvel Studios Hires the Molyneux Sisters to Write the Script

The first Marvel Studios produced Deadpool movie is finally moving forward as the studio has signed on Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin to write its script, according to Deadline.

Deadline writes:

"Writer meetings have been taking place over the past month with Reynolds recently meeting with a handful of writers to hear their pitches for the next installment. In the end, the studio and Reynolds saw the sisters’ take as the perfect fit for what they wanted. The film remains in early development, but the hiring of the Molyneux sisters does mark the first major step in getting the next Deadpool film into production.

"This marks the first Deadpool film where Marvel Studios will work hand and hand with Reynolds and Team Deadpool. Fans are sure to be excited at Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige’s involvement after seeing how he helped revamp the Spider-Man franchise after coming on to help in the creative effort for that franchise.

"Besides Reynolds’ return, there are many factors being worked out, but sources say the film is still expected to be rated R like the previous two installments. It is also expected to have a new director...

"...As for the Molyneuxes, they are sisters and writing partners, who serve as the creators, showrunners and executive producers of the new Fox series The Great North, which is set to premiere in February and has already been renewed for a second season. In addition, they are writers and executive producers of the long-running hit Bob’s Burgers on Fox, for which they won an Emmy in 2017, and have been nominated for an Emmy for eight consecutive years. They have also been nominated for three WGA Awards, and won the Annie Award in 2017 for their episode 'The Hormone-iums.'"

Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick wrote the previous two Deadpool films for 20th Century Fox before Disney's buyout of Fox's assets.

No date for production or release has been set for DEADPOOL 3, at the time this was posted.