never truly existed on film or in any physical or digital form. There was no "Snyder Cut" sitting on a hard drive or on film. No way. 

I am now convinced of this. 

It was merely an idea inside Zack Synder's mind and with HBO Max needing a tentpole franchise to cement itself some subscribers, it was time to bring that idea out and into reality. This is what I truly believe at this point as The Hollywood Reporter states actor Jared Leto will now appear in additional filming for the 4-part movie. 

It truly seems like Snyder is shooting a brand new JUSTICE LEAGUE movie while using some existing footage from the theatrical release.

Here is what THR says about Leto's addition to the movie:

"Jared Leto, who played classic DC villain the Joker in 2016’s Suicide Squad, has joined in the shooting of additional footage for the 'Snyder Cut,' the filmmaker’s definitive version of the 2017 superhero movie he was forced to exit and never saw through completion, multiple sources tell The Hollywood Reporter.

"The project, officially titled Zack Snyder's Justice League, is being overseen by HBO Max, which is financing the new round of shooting and the completion of the many unfinished scenes, and will air as a four-episode event series next year.

"Shooting is currently underway with Ben Affleck, Ray Fisher and Amber Heard among those involved, on top of Leto. It is unclear which other actors are included....

"Leto boarding the Snyder Cut is noteworthy, as the character did not appear in the original 2017 movie. It also raises questions about how much new content will be included in Snyder’s super-version of Justice League."