Jamie Foxx in Talks to Return as Electro in Tom Holland's Next MCU SPIDER-MAN Movie

Um, what? Let me read that headline again and reference the exclusive report published by The Hollywood Reporter to make sure I got this right.

Yup. It is accurate.

Actor Jamie Foxx, who played Electro in Andrew Garfield's version of the Sony's Spider-Man Universe in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 is in talks to return as character in the upcoming third Spidey movie, starring Tom Holland.

THR writes: 

"Story details are being kept under the mask, but having Foxx return is a stunner as it shows a further melding of the previous Spider-Man movies into the current Holland series, which is the first one that has Marvel running point on production."

No further information was provided on if Foxx will portray the same exact version of Electro as seen in the 2014 film — which is definitely being assumed as the MCU explores the Multiverse after the events of AVENGERS: ENDGAME — or just a different version of the villain character.

The sequel to SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME is set for release on November 5, 2021.