The Force Geeks Podcast: Let's Talk About 'What If?' Star Wars Alternate Timelines

Here's the latest episode of The Force Geeks Podcast...

"In the 30th episode of the Force Geeks: A Star Wars Podcast, Nate, Jake and Founder Daniel Wolf discuss recently uncovered concept art from the cancelled Star Wars Battlegrounds 4 game, which shows a redeemed Vader as a Jedi that lives, has fun with Luke and Obi-Wan falling to the Darkside, crazy powerful Jedi Leia and dark side Leia. It has the guys asking about a "What If" series like Marvel is doing, except it would be for Star Wars. Plus, we talk about the full master plan of Palpatine's 'Final Order' from the grave. It was a long and twisty path to get there, but we have the whole plan broken down. And a new music video of the score from The Mandalorian. Hear it all in this latest episode of The Force Geeks!"