The Force Geeks Podcast: Talking Final Disney Gallery THE MANDALORIAN Episode and STAR WARS: SQUADRONS

Here's the latest episode of The Force Geeks podcast...

"In the 29th episode of the Force Geeks: A Star Wars Podcast, Nate, Jake and Founder Daniel Wolf take a moment on Father's Day to talk about the Disney Gallery series for The Mandalorian on the subject of the connections to past Star Wars projects, revealing the deep cuts and Easter eggs of fan service. The show creators reveal the secret role Mark Hamill portrayed, how unimpressed George Lucas was with a reference to the Star Wars Holiday Special he'd rather forget and what species must always appear in a project Dave Filoni is working on. Also, the geeks share their thoughts on the gameplay of the upcoming Star Wars: Squadrons game. What they are looking forward to and what good news there is for gamers; wallets. Plus, the guys dissect the rumors of a greater connected MCU style storytelling platform across all the Disney+ shows. Hear it all in this latest episode of The Force Geeks!"