Hasbro Reveals Over a Dozen STAR WARS Black Series 6-Inch Figures Including Rereleases of the REBELS Crew, Beskar Mando, and So Many More

Hasbro dropped a bomb of a news announcement yesterday for Star War collectors. Not only is the toy manufacturer updating the packaging for its highly sought-after Star Wars Black Series 6-inch action figure line, but they are rereleasing the entire STAR WARS: REBELS crew with their updated face painting technology as well as bringing back Ahsoka Tano, plus the first Zeb figure in their deluxe line. 

But it did not stop there as they revealed a new wave of figures headlined by The Mandalorian in Beskar armor, a Stormtrooper from THE MANDALORIAN, a new Darth Vader figure, a first-time Admiral Ackbar figure for the 6-inch scale, plus several others.

Check them all out below and you can preorder all of these new figures by clicking the link here or the links below! 

[Publisher Note: Both HasbroPulse.com and Amazon.com have already sold out of the Beskar Mandalorian, as well as a few others, so you'd best preorder yours now while you still can and before he is sold out everywhere. Think about it... how often have you seen ANY figures from the Star Wars streaming series in stores over the past six-plus months? Most of you are probably thinking how you haven't seen them anywhere and that is because they are highly sought-after and very hard-to-find. So do yourself a favor and preorder them in advance and then you'll get a happy surprise when your order arrives at your front door later this year.]

Preorder Ahsoka here.

Preorder Ackbar here.

Preorder Chopper here.

Preorder Kamino Trooper here.

Preorder Vader here.

Preorder Ezra here.

Preorder Zeb here.

Preorder Hera here.

Preorder the Stormtrooper here.

Preorder Kanan here.

Preorder Luke here.

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Preorder Beskar Mando here.

Again... preorder these now or have forever regret when you miss out and they are pre-sold out and never to be found on store shelves this fall.