Owen Wilson Cast in Unknown Role For Marvel Studios' LOKI Series

It still won't be until the end of this summer, or early fall, until fans see Marvel Studios' first Disney+ streaming series FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER, but the studio is pushing production forward on many projects for the streaming platform.

One is LOKI, starring actor Tom Hiddleston, which will begin filming very soon as casting has begun. Confirmed by Variety, and first reported by ComicBook.com, actor Owen Wilson has been cast in an undisclosed "major role" for the series.

LOKI will reportedly take place after the events of the Time Heist in AVENGERS: ENDGAME which saw Loki escape with the Tesseract when the heroes went back in time right after the events of 2012's AVENGERS movie. The God of Mischief will supposedly show up and make an impact during past historical events in human history.