Supergirl: Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part 1

The biggest DCTV crossover yet begins on Supergirl. The monitor begins by narrating the event that is happening. Multiple universes are being destroyed by some kind of power. 

Supergirl, meanwhile, is attempting to maintain order when she has to calm down an alien creature that freaked out. At the DEO, we find out every animal on Earth is acting strange. On top of that, there is some kind of seismic activity happening to the Earth from the outside. J’onn comes by to tell him that the monitor came to him and tell him how he was testing him for this crisis. Brainy tells Supergirl that this seismic energy is going to hit Argo first and soon. 

On Argo, Superman and Lois are busy taking care of their baby, Jonathan, when Kara attempts to reach them. She tells them they need to leave immediately. Alura finds them and they send Jonathan in a pod to Earth. Because apparently Alura only ever keeps one pod around. Argo is destroyed right after Jonathan is sent to Earth. Supergirl is devastated by the destruction of her home, again. 

On Earth 1, Oliver is saying goodbye to his daughter, Mia, on Lian Yu. At that moment, Lyla aka Harbinger appears from out of nowhere and tells him the crisis has begun. Barry is experiencing the same event in Central City when Lyla comes to him next. The next recruits are Batwoman in Gotham City and in Star City, Sara, and Ray. 

Finally, Lyla comes with the group including Superman and Lois to the DEO on Earth 38. Oliver, Mia, Superman, Lois, and Batwoman are brought to Supergirl’s Earth. Lyla instructs then to make their final stand while Barry and the legends are doing reconnaissance on this energy. 

Before they can do anything, a quantum tower rises from the ground. Lyla appears with Barry, Sara, and Ray who tells them that it’s going to help this earth. 

The team is told that the quantum tower will help dissipate the energy coming to the Earth if they can protect it from the Anti-Monitor. Meanwhile, Lois, Sara, and Brainy are going to get Jonathan’s pod that has been sent to parallel Earth in 2046 via wormholes. This is going to be a wild ride. 

Lena and J’onn are working on a backup plan on where to send everyone if their plan fails. They intend to ask the aliens who came for help and passage on their ships but it still may not be enough. J’onn suggests asking Lena for help with a transmitter portal to get them out quicker but she’s wary after everything she has done. Alex comes to Lena to ask for her help. Lena is still feeling bitter about being left out of the super-secret but agrees to help. 

Oliver meets with the monitor when Barry tells him that a future newspaper shows that he’s going to die in the crisis. The monitor tells him he already spared Kara and Barry’s lives last year so they could fight this crisis. So he quickly backpedaled on that promise. 

Mia, Oliver, Batwoman, Superman, Supergirl, and Ray work on fortifying the tower. They fight off the weird shadow demons trying to bring down the tower. Despite them trying to buy some time to get everyone off the Earth and into the spaceships, the monitor appears and zaps them all away but Oliver. He continues fighting them off so the planet can be evacuated, until the demons get the best of him. He dies fighting them. The monitor brings Oliver to Earth 1. He tells him nearly half of Supergirl’s Earth was saved thanks to him. 

A man named Nash (who looks like Harrison Wells) shows up and tells the team that he released the anti-monitor and is responsible for what he’s done and that everything they know is about to be destroyed. 

Wow, just the beginning of this crisis event and Oliver is already dead. I like how they’re incorporating all of the DC characters more fluidly into the episodes. Even though it was technically on Supergirl, it felt like characters made a very cohesive team. The crisis continues next on Batwoman.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer