Hasbro Reveals Incoming 2020 Star Wars and Marvel Legends Action Figures at Comic Con Dortmund

Hasbro is attending Comic Con Dortmund, in Germany, and have revealed several new Marvel Legends 6-inch figures, as well as new 6-inch Star Wars Black Series figures and Galaxy of Adventures action figures.

All these figures will be out in stores in spring 2020, and let's start with the Marvel Legends Retro Storm, followed by the Walgreens exclusive Marvel Legends Stepford Cuckoos figure...

Up next are Hasbro's reveals for upcoming Star Wars figures. This includes a 6-inch Black Series version of Clone Commander Bly and a Sith Jet Trooper. Also revealed are several new Galaxy of Adventures figures including: Boba Fett, Darth Maul, Sith Jet Trooper, and Yoda.