THE MANDALORIAN Feels Familiar But in a Refreshing and Welcome Way

It took me until about noon Eastern Time yesterday to finally get Disney+ working on my Sony PS4 since service was spotty in the early morning. It finally took a turn for the better, and I was able to watch the first episode of the Star Wars series THE MANDALORIAN.

Let me first speak about the elephant that is still in the room that is THE LAST JEDI; to aid in a point I need to make. Some hate it. Others love it. No matter what side you are on, the film left a toxic aftertaste in many parts of Star Wars fandom due to the Dark Side hate that has (and to a point still is) being had within the confines of Star Wars fandom. A palate cleanser has been needed.

THE MANDALORIAN is that needed cleanse and, in fact, it is what I really wanted out of the SOLO movie, which felt flat to me.

So far, THE MANDALORIAN is a piece of much need Star Wars content as it feels familiar with species we've come to know. The smaller scale of this first episode is a nice touch, too, as it is more intimate as we get to know more about this mysterious Mandalorian bounty hunter.

I'm not here to spoil anything since you should really subscribe to Disney+ and watch it yourself. I simply want to express my feelings of being refreshed with my own Star Wars fandom by the first episode of this new series.

I know many Star Wars fans who needed this episode refresher, and with Star Wars movies taking a break after next month's THE RISE OF SKYWALKER, this bit of new Star Wars content seems to be the perfect level of storytelling to build into the Star Wars mythos. The added fact that a second season is already in production, by series creator and overall Nerd God Jon Favreau, makes me believe this series only gets better and gives me a tremendous amount of hope for the other two Star Wars series heading to production soon for Disney+ (Cassian Andor series, Obi-Wan Kenobi series).

I really needed this new kind of Star Wars adventure because it feels like we are embarking on some astonishing new tales and much needed galaxy far, far away world-building. Thus, making me feel like that early 80s kid again seeing Star Wars for the very first time.

THE MANDALORIAN episode 2 will be on Disney+ on Friday November 15 and I can't wait and hope these feelings continue as the series progresses over the next month and a half.