THE MANDALORIAN Episode 2 is Brilliant in Exploring Star Wars in Ways You Didn't Already Know About

If you don't have Disney+ yet then you are really missing out on pure Star Wars brilliance from creator and writer Jon Favreau. His status as who I have proclaimed to now be a 'Nerd God' has gone to the next level after already helping start up the Marvel Cinematic Universe with IRON MAN and IRON MAN 2, as well as his gorgeous remakes of THE JUNGLE BOOK and LION KING. But his work on THE MANDALORIAN truly shows his genius and understanding of Star Wars lore.

I'm not going to spoil any of Episode 2, but there is more to that big spoiler from the end of THE MANDALORIAN episode 1 that will make you fall in love with this show even more. Plus, there are Jawas in Episode 2 that are shown in a way you've never seen which has already lead many (including myself while watching it in real-time) to make the comparison that Jawas are Minions (you know the little yellow characters from the DESPICABLE ME franchise) in a galaxy far, far away. And that statement is no slight against Jawas or Minions, just a very relatable comparison you'll see clearly once you've seen Episode 2.

The sense of adventure and wonder has maintained throughout the first two episodes of THE MANDALORIAN and I personally love having new Star Wars each week. Initially, I was upset all episodes weren't going to be available at the launch of Disney+ to binge all of it at once, but waiting a week will create more hype and allow each episode to breath for a bit while giving fans the opportunity to rewatch previous episodes over and over again.

So far, Favreau is knocking it out of the park with THE MANDALORIAN and after seeing just two episodes it makes so much sense now when Disney and Lucasfilm greenlit Season 2 before the series' first episode even debuted.