SUPERGIRL Season 4 Episode 22 Review: The Quest For Peace

Lex Luthor has successfully completed his plan. After sending Red Daughter to take out Supergirl, Lex has used his Claymore suit to gain the energy from the alien prisoners to stop the Kaznia attack (That he orchestrated) at the same moment that Red Daughter defeats Supergirl. The Red Daughter disappears and is shocked to find Lex going back on his promise to her. He hits her with a blast from his suit knocking her out. He locks her up in the Amertek energy refinery after belittling her naïveté for not looking him up in the first place. It’s a little hard to feel sorry for someone who follows a Luthor with blind loyalty. 

Lex is cleaning up all his messes in the meantime. He has had Otis posthumously take the fall for all his crimes and has sent Eve’s clones to take out Lockwood, which she fails at when he stabilizes himself with more Harun-El. All the while, Lex is thriving as the secretary of alien affairs. 

Despite Lex’s positive media turn thanks to his partnership with president, Kara refuses to step down and accept this new reality especially now that she has the upperhand with Lex thinking she is dead. Kara, Alex, Brainy and Lena all meet in her offices. Brainy has successfully retried the proof of Lex’s involvement with Kaznia and siphoning alien powers with help from the government. 

Lex sends Lena and his mother invitations to come to the White House which she feels she has no other option but to go while Kara uses the evidence to write an article exposing Lex. Lex claims that this plan was all for their Luthor name to be cleared and lets them in on the fact that when they use the energy refinery not only to get rich gather all of the alien’s energy he plans to blow up Argo and Superman with it. Yeah he’s really lost it now. Lillian seems to be taking it all in stride until he leaves to talk to Eve and admits to Lena that she poisoned his tea. Unfortunately, he catches it but continues to be creepily calm which is soon to come to an end now that Kara’s article about him has been uploaded and quickly spreading. 

J’onn and Dreamer manage to create a diversion with help from the other aliens so that Dreamer can shut off the power dampeners and send a message to Kara, Alex and Brainy to tell them that the energy refinery is on Shelley Island. Supergirl, James, Alex and Brainy make their way to the island and find that all the energy is being sent to the Claymore satellite that is going to be aimed at Argo. Brainy works on disabling it but the only way is for J’onn to try and overload using his psychic powers. 

Unfortunately they have another nuisance to deal with, Ben Lockwood has decided to use the Harun-El on several of his agents of liberty and wants to destroy Luthor as well as the aliens he brought to the island. Someone’s not handling his identity crisis very well. They fight and Supergirl subdues him. Before they can extract the Harun- El out of Lockwood, someone else decides to come to the party; Lex Luthor gets to the island after seeing the missile hasn’t obliterated Argo yet. James and Alex handle Ben while Supergirl goes after Luthor. Although his suit is filled with Kryptonite, she had her shield suit from Lena to combat it. It’s a serious battle royale. 

J’onn and Nia overload the Claymore and release all the aliens including Red Daughter. She escapes and saves Kara from a blast of Kryptonite from Lex’s suit but dies instead. Kara seems to absorb her energy and her own powers which helps her defeat Lex and destroy his suit. He seems to fall from his death after refusing her help but he jumps through a type of wormhole and ends up in his safehouse where Lena manages to extract the Harun-El from him. He goes on monologuing about how she could never kill him when she puts two bullets in his chest. Yeah. He’s shocked and oddly proud but as he’s dying he shows her video proof that Kara is Supergirl and telling her that she will be alone because all of her friends have lied to her. This isn’t going to end well. 

Ben and James both extracted the Harun-El from each other while fighting but James got a kind of kickback from it which injured his right eye but all in all it could’ve been worse. Lockwood is going back to prison and President Barker has been removed from office with the Alien Amnesty Act being reinstated. 

Kelly makes a move on Alex which seems pretty fast but I guess trauma makes people closer. This includes Brainy and Nia. Seeing Nia and J’onn in danger seems to break Brainy just enough to get him back to his normal self. 

All seems right with the world and the group comes to J’onn’s for another game night including Lena who pretends that’s nothing had changed. Kara wants to use this opportunity to tell her about being Supergirl but Alex convinces her to let her have one night of normalcy. 

Eve is like a cockroach. It’s amazing. Nothing can stop her. She has still survived but as she’s waiting for a bus in a bad wig, a woman comes up to her saying that she can’t run. She had apparently sent Eve to work for Lex on her orders and a group called Leviathan. 

Our final scenes of the season has the The Monitor from the crisis on earth crossover talking to a man who has come through a wormhole to apparently get revenge on his brother. As he lifts his hood, it’s discovers that he is a green Martian and that he wants revenge on J’onn. 

Lena isn’t handling the revelation of Kara being Supergirl all that well. She is seen drinking alone in the office as she smashes a frame of them together. Meanwhile the Monitor visits Lex’s lair where his cold body still lays and starts working some magic on him. I think it’s a safe to say this won’t be the last we see of Luthor. The monitor is sure to be a big recurring character on the crossover and it wouldn’t be a surprise if he’ll be showing up on Supergirl as well. 

With Lena’s reaction to being lied to and how her darkness has been hinted upon since she has joined the show, it wouldn’t be surprising if she were to become the big bad next season but it’d be disappointing to see her develop the way she did only to sink back into what she has tried so hard to reject as a Luthor. Another clear big bad will be the Leviathan organization which in the comics is a secret bad guy organization. With them manipulating Eve to work with Lex, they definitely have a strong influence. 

All in all this has been one of the best season is Supergirl thanks to the fight scenes, Lex Luthor and of course Red Daughter. Supergirl’s been renewed and will return in fall of this year and will be a pivotal star in this year’s crossover about the Infinite Earths.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer

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