SHAZAM! Sparkles its Way to a $53 Million Domestic Opening, $155 Million Worldwide

SHAZAM! opened this weekend and while our review wasn't too kind to this origin tale, most everyone else liked it and we hold no grudges or qualms against anyone who enjoyed this goofy movie. The critics said they liked SHAZAM! too, as it has a RottenTomatoes score of 91-percent Certified Fresh.

According to THRSHAZAM! brought in over $53 million in the domestic box office which is the lowest of any previous DCEU movie. Although, SHAZAM! carries a production budget way less than the others in the DCEU, as it is reportedly under $100 million.

Overseas the movie took in $102 million to give it a global opening weekend total of $155 million.

A solid opening for a lesser known DC superhero and it will likely get a sequel green lit at some point in the near future. However, DC and Warner Bros. need to not wait too long for a sequel as its younger actors and actresses will only be so young for so long and the clock is ticking fast for this new tentpole franchise before its stars aren't kids anymore.