SHAZAM! 2 is Moving Ahead by Bringing Back Origin Film's Screenwriter

SHAZAM! was the No. 1 movie in the box office this past weekend opening with over $155 million worldwide. Since the film had a modestly low production budget — reportedly less than $100 million — when compared to other superhero movie releases, it is on track to net Warner Bros. some profit.

Because of its financial success, the studio is now looking fast-track its sequel.

According to TheWrapSHAZAM! screenwriter Henry Gayden will return to pen the script for SHAZAM! 2 and director David F. Sandberg is also expected to return to helm the sequel.

Besides its trajectory of being financially successful, fast-tracking a sequel makes sense for one simple reason: its young and youthful cast has a limited age window to make sequels before they are seen as being too old for their respective roles. That is why Warner Bros. will fast-track SHAZAM! 2 and if that is successful, why they would most likely fast-track a third movie after that.